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Stomatologické centrum Praha Dentistry Prosthesis


Prosthesis, i.e. prosthetic treatment of dentition, aims to replace missing teeth. This includes mainly construction:

fixed prostheses

  1. all-ceramic restorations CAD / CAM
  2. (Cresco titan)
  3. metal ceramic restorations
  4. aesthetic ceramic onlays, inlays
  5. attachments and locks (Bredent)
  6. fixed restorations on implants - any
  7. an implant system

removable prostheses

  1. removable partial dentures
  2. complete dentures
  3. hybrid dentures - supported implants (any implant system)
  4. attachments and locks (Bredent)
  5. splints for teeth whitening, Bruxism
  6. protective splints for athletes

The price list is available to view in the laboratory or it can be sent via email. In case of interest, please contact us on info@stomacentrum.cz.