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Orthodontics is a specialty field of dentistry that deals with:

  • the treatment of mal-positioned teeth and dental groups
  • the modification of incorrect jaw relations
  • jaw growth defects

Orthodontics is closely related to other dental disciplines (paediatric dentistry, prosthetics, implantology, surgery, periodontics).

The goal of orthodontic treatment is:

  • to achieve a regular position of the teeth in the dental arches
  • to correct jaw relations (in case of significant irregularities in jaw relations, it is necessary to cooperate with a jaw surgeon)
  • to improve the function and prolong the "life” of teeth
  • to improve the aesthetic appearance of the patient
  • to perform preventive monitoring of the growth and development of children´s dentition
  • to prepare dentition for possible prosthetic treatment

Orthodontic treatment is able to correct changes in the position of teeth due to gum disease. It also deals with adjusting the position of teeth before a planned prosthetic treatment and prior to an implant placement (especially in situations in which there is a deficient or excessive space in the place of an implantation).

The starting age for orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment can be applied not only to children and adolescents but also to adults of all ages.

Orthodontic treatment uses:

  • Removable orthodontic appliances - these are devices that the patient can remove by himself from his mouth. They are primarily used in patients of children´s age to treat less serious defects or to pre-treat complex anomalies before fixed orthodontic appliances are deployed. Such appliances are further used after the treatment is finished with fixed appliances such as retention appliances, which maintain the achieved results.
  • Fixed orthodontic appliances - these are locks and rings firmly stuck to the teeth, into which a wire that is shaped according to the projected ideal shape of the dental arch is inserted. These wires are exchanged during the treatment from the thinnest to the strongest, encouraging the teeth to shift to the required place. Most of the shifts that we plan with teeth can only be achieved through continuous forces that are ensured only by fixed appliances. Therefore, currently we treat most orthodontic anomalies using fixed appliances.

In our dental centre, we offer:

  • a non-binding orthodontic consultation
  • a comprehensive orthodontic examination and preparation of an individual treatment plan with which the patient is thoroughly familiar
  • orthodontic treatment, which is subject to the latest treatment procedures used abroad
  • orthodontic materials exclusively from foreign companies, whose quality is first-class
  • if necessary, cooperation with other dental disciplines