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The use of a microscope has become standard in different fields of medicine. In some dental procedures, magnification is also essential. Since the size of the crown is about 1 cm, the details are in millimetres. In more complicated procedures, such as the treatment of root canals, whose dimensions are in hundredths to tenths of millimetres, the dentist works with tools that have a length of 25-28 mm and a working-part diameter of 0.1 to 0.4 mm. Because of such dimensions, it is clear that magnification, along with good lighting on the area of the procedure, is necessary for the dentist to do his job. The operating microscope fulfils all such requirements.

In our work, we use an operating microscope mainly in the treating of root canals or complicated caries, or in the preparation of prosthetic work (overlay, crown).

An extra charge for use of the microscope is guided by the period over which the microscope is used during the treatment. It is usually around 1,200 CZK.