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Dental hygiene

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Dental hygiene

Dental hygiene is the foundation of preventive dental care: Prevention of tooth decay, bleeding gums, bad breath, and periodontitis. Many problems arise from ignoring these issues and improper dental care. We try to avoid these by providing regular care from our dental hygienists. Dental hygiene informs the patient about proper tooth brushing and how to choose appropriate tools. It is also very important for patients with orthodontic appliances.

Dental hygiene involves removing plaque from above and under the gums, removing soft coatings, polishing, practical training in tooth brushing, and removing pigmentation caused by coffee, tea, smoking etc.

Dental hygiene is carried out at least 2x a year on the basis of an individual plan and the needs of the patient.

What happens during the initial check-up?

Dental hygiene – 1st visit  from 1500 CZK

First visit consists of an examination of the oral cavity – measuring the index of bleeding and the overall condition of the teeth. Any problems in the oral cavity are identified and explained to the patient. Removal of tartar, soft coatings, and pigmentation is performed, and individual recommendations given, along with practical training in proper tooth brushing techniques, and appropriate selection of dental hygiene tools.

What happens during a standard check-up?

Standard check-up from 1200 CZK

A control of dental hygiene (detection of any dental plaque), the re-measurement of interdental spaces, and repeated practice in brushing your teeth. Removal of tartar, soft coatings, and pigmentation.

Tools for good oral hygiene are available at the reception.